Great Site to Buy Fondant

I just got 30 pounds of Satin Ice fondant from CakeSupplies4U and got an awesome deal. Even after shipping it cost $75 less than in a local shop, which is quite a big chunk of money. It only took 4 days to get here, and they have Paypal, which is always a plus for me. These were their regular prices and not temporary sale prices.

Satin Ice seems to be the brand a lot of professionals (even the quite famous ones) and at home bakers use. I’m sure when they purchase it in large quantities, they get pretty good deals. Plus with all the fondant they use, not having to make it saves a lot of time for people who already put a lot of time into their work. Sharon Zambito also said that buying fondant ensures that the consistency is always the same.

I usually make marshmallow fondant to cover my cakes with, but I bought 5 pounds of black and 5 pounds of red because those deep, dark colors are difficult to do, especially in large quantities– like to cover a whole cake. Also, red and black food coloring can taste bitter in large amounts.

I also got 20 pounds of chocolate since I decided it was worth just buying it rather than making it.

There are two ways that I’ve read online to make chocolate fondant. One would be to melt chocolate candy wafers, mix with some other ingredients, and the next day knead into already made fondant, which I would have to buy anyway. I’m not sure if this method works with marshmallow fondant, but if it did, I’d have to make that the day before as well.

The other way would be to make marshmallow chocolate fondant to begin with, but you have to make it the same day you’ll use it, which means leftovers won’t be any good either.

I might try the first method someday to make white chocolate fondant, which I’ve heard is pretty good., but it will be quite a bit of work. There’s already so much kneading involved when using fondant as it is, and large amounts can be pretty tiring. I’d like to try it once to just to do it, but I might just make it on special request or for my family.

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