Successful Stacking DVD Review

Wow. I noticed this with the previous two DVDs I watched (Flawless Fondant and Perfecting the Art of Butterceam), but it’s even more evident with this one that the professionals really put a lot of time into their work. No wonder their cakes are so expensive. They are so time consuming, labor intensive, and require more supplies.
Don’t get me wrong. The DVD is great. I learned a lot of ideas that I didn’t know about before. Naturally the basic classes I took aren’t going to cover information like this because these cakes are on a whole other level. Plus, the basic classes I took are from a company that sells cake supplies and obviously will only use those supplies in the classes.
The stacked cakes in this DVD are absolutely perfect! I don’t think that all of the steps shown in the DVD will be necessary for the small two tiered cakes that I make with usually just a 6″ and an 8″ round. They’re not difficult to transport, and they’re so little cake to begin with. Using really wide dowels and two support dowels would leave very little cake for consumption.
However, I do think her methods will come in very handy with cakes that have three or more tiers. I do plan to make at least one or two wedding cakes in future, and I will definitely need to use every tip she has taught me through this DVD. Not only do her methods make the stacked cake much more stable, but they also makes the tiers easier to stack and prevent damaging the tiers. If a very small amount of blemishes do occur, she also shows how to fix them. She also gives tips on delivering cakes that will also be useful come wedding cake time.
Overall, I’m glad I got this DVD, too. It was all invaluable information that was completely new to me. The way she does it is different in almost every way possible than what we learned in class.

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