Sick Baby

[ Second time at the ER since she was born ]

Our poor baby was feeling really hot Saturday night, eating a lot less than usual, and not up to her normal levels of activity. We took her to the ER, and they admitted her right away upon hearing her symptoms. They took her vitals, and her temp was 104.1!

I felt so horrible because we knew she had been crankier and waking up randomly crying, but we thought she was finally teething since she was ten and a half months old and still toothless. It wasn’t until her high fever (we got 102.9 at home in her armpit, they did a rectal) that we brought her in, and she had an ear infection!

I felt really guilty that she had been in pain, and we didn’t know it’s severity. I also felt bad wondering all the ways she could’ve gotten sick to begin with.

Now I’m worried because she’s been having multiple watery poops a day, and we don’t have bananas or applesauce. I literally live right behind the grocery store and could walk right over there, but I don’t want to make my sick baby go out and will have to wait until around 1 when Tim can go.

I would usually still be asleep right now, but I woke up 2.5 hours early because I was worried. I’ll try to get her to eat some rice when she wakes up.

[ BRAT: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast: Foods that constipate/stop D ]

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  1. Poor baby! I do hope she feels better soon!!!!!

  2. awww poor little love. i hope she feels better soon!

  3. Moms get really worried and lost when our babies feel bad and sick. Try to keep calm. Hope she feels better soon! Bela.

  4. I hope she feels better soon!! Being a mom myself I really understand how you feel. When my son get's sick it hurts my heart especially when you can't do more to ease the pain fast enough!!When my son was about 4 months old he got RSV Respiratory Syncytial Virus that was the scarest moment of sickness I had with my son. I was so hurt and helpless feeling like I couldn't do a thing to ease the pain. He was in ICU for a week, hooked up to monitors and tubes everywhere that was the worst for me. But even now when he get's a fever or a slight cough I start to worry cause as a mom I never want to see him sick or hurting!