Cadence at 10 Months

Every morning, she wakes up with a big grin on her face and is ready to play. She eats nearly a whole mango for breakfast and likes the way it feels to mash them through her fingers. She loves music and dancing. Last night she was taking unsupported steps (Tim says as much as 6). She can sleep like a big girl without having to be carried and rocked. Our favorite game together is playing peekaboo under the dining table, and I suspect she thinks I can’t see her behind the table leg. She is very curious and gets angry if we take her away from something for her own safety. She tries to say hi, dog, duck and no more (with a hand gesture). She always waves “hi” and “bye bye.” She can move around the entire living room using different methods like scooting, crawling two steps, walking, cruising, and crawling with her chest down on the ground. She really loves taking baths.

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  1. pretty girl!!!