Perfecting the Art of Buttercream DVD Review

I just got done watching the Perfecting the Art of Buttercream DVD by Sharon Zambito of SugarEdProductions (I don’t get anything for writing this review), and I really liked it! Her DVDs have actually sat in my wishlist for a while after reading about them on CakeJournal, but I finally bought a bunch of them after a nice sum of cash from my grandmother on my birthday and a lot of deliberating.

The video is 120 minutes and has A LOT of useful information that is new to me despite lots of internet browsing and youtube video watching, which makes sense considering she’s been doing this for 20 years and I have 4 months under my belt. She has quite a few different methods, but the title wasn’t lying when it said “perfecting” because the cake does look PERFECT in the end. I’m pretty impressed.

Their customer service is really good, too. I made by order over Memorial Day weekend, and the videos were sent out immediately on Tuesday and arrived Thursday or Friday. One of the videos I ordered, Boxes and Bows, was accidentally switched with Sheet Cake Secrets, so they’re sending Boxes and Bows out right away along with the Design Gallery for free (for ordering 5 DVDs at once), and they didn’t ask me to send back Sheet Cake Secrets, which I thought was both convenient and generous.

I should really watch Flawless Fondant next since I have my first cake “order” this weekend for a friend throwing a baby shower, which I’ve been pretty excited about!

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