Air Conditioning!

It’s so hot here in Texas, and the air conditioner isn’t working! AH! Tim and I are about to pack up and spend the night at my parents’ house (down the street) until someone comes to fix it tomorrow. I remember this happened at my parents house, too, last year. Luckily my dad knew a guy who knew a guy who came out there at like 11pm and fixed it. I’m sure it’ll be better tomorrow when someone comes, but this is really inconvenient! I like being at home. It’s more comfortable and all our stuff is here. I’ll miss my computer. I guess that’s one good thing about having a laptop, but I haven’t been too keen on them after my last one died.

On the bright side, Cake Club meets tomorrow! I’ve been looking forward to it since our last meeting!

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  1. No AC in Texas? Ack! Be careful or you will melt! Where in Texas do you live? I'm from Austin.