LOST Finale (Don’t read if you haven’t seen it!)

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Well, I still think about the LOST finale on a daily basis and bring it up at least once day with my husband. I figured I should get my feelings about it down somewhere, so that maybe I can let go (yes, I know it’s just a show).

Even though a lot of people will disagree, I think they did an awesome job with the ending. It wasn’t what I expected, but it turned out to be just right. Not only is it the best show I’ve ever seen, it’s the best of anything I’ve ever watched.

I knew when they got down to the final two episodes that all the questions wouldn’t be answered. It was impossible. I realize now that it wasn’t important– in the same way that when we leave this place, the details of this world and it’s workings will be inconsequential to us as well (What is the meaning of life? Why do bad things happen to good people?).

I think a lot of people were disappointed because our window to the alternate universe made us believe that we would see a lot of the pain and suffering the characters experienced undone in this life, but that’s not really possible (as if everything in the show was so possible). I know a lot of people thought the ending was really sad, and I think that’s because we all want to see happy endings in this life. Here. Now (or at least in the foreseeable future). We want to see the pain undone and loved ones alive again with us, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

We have what we have. We find and lose loved ones. We go back forth between struggle and rest, obstacles and contentment. We sin, and hopefully, we find redemption.

Then in a someday of timelessness and eternity, we will be whole. We’ll find our loved ones again and finally be at peace.

P.S. As for the ones who were still dead or died in the alternate universe of the dead (Ford’s parents, Mikhail, Keamy, and even Anthony Cooper even though he was “alive” in a catatonic state), I think they went to hell because unfortunately, they did not redeem themselves before their earthly deaths. Whether or not their soul had another soul inside (since they had no bodies to die there) to fly away to an actual hell place or whether their hell was the horror of their non-existence in eternity, I can’t say. That’s just my own current theory.

P.P.S. If universities have classes that study Star Wars and the Philosophy of the Simpsons, they could definitely spend a semester discussing the themes of LOST.

[The reunions made me teary.]

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  1. I agre with you. Im still upset it's over I WANT MORE!!

  2. I've read a lot about the finale, and this post has made the most sense of all of them! I'm going to send this to my sister who is crazy about LOST.

  3. So, I'm allison's LOST addicted sister. I'm on board with you – I loved the ending. It took me a couple viewings and some analyzing to reach that conclusion (I was way pissed at first), but I finally got around to loving it.I do, still, have many issues and details I think they didn't pay much attention to therefore got wrong – like why is Aaron a baby at the church, and why is he even at the church at all? He's a 3-year-old living with his grandma, not a dead baby. But, if they do ever make a college course that I could take about this show, I don't care how much it costs, I'd totally be there!