My LOST Questions

What is Desmond going to accomplish in the alternate universe?
Who lived on the island that built the four-toed statue?
Is the “monster” the devil?
What is the island? The source of life (the light)? Pandoras box (the cork of the wine bottle)? Hell (and they’re all dead like Richard’s wife said)?
What is the light anyway? If it’s the source of life, why does it turn people evil?
What is the cut on Jack’s neck in the alternate universe?

In the alternate universe where the island was sunk by the atomic bomb in the 70s, is Anthony Cooper still the man who conned James Ford’s parents and caused their deaths? Why did him and John Locke have a different relationship than in the original universe? Why did the Kwans’ relationship turn out differently? Richard still should’ve been able to visit Locke as a child. Why did his adult life turn out differently? Why does Jack have a kid?

How does Eloise know everything?
How did the others (like Richard) get to and from the island before killing the Dharma members and taking use their submarine?

There’s so many things I still don’t know and a lot of them I probably will never know. I’m sad LOST is ending. I don’t know what our new show will be.

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