Making Marshmallow Fondant for the First Time

I hope my hands look better than that when I’m not kneading.

I made marshmallow fondant for the first time, and it was very successful!

To be honest, I was worried nearly the whole time I was making it, and when I first started kneading it again for use the next day (some people say to let it rest for 24 hours). It seem difficult to work with, but a few seconds in the microwave took care of that.

I used “Rhonda’s Ultimate MMF” recipe from CakeCentral, but since I didn’t have any lemon extract, I just put in that much more lemon juice. I heated the marshmallows in a pot instead of the microwave, and I mixed it by hand rather than by mixer, which I know some people do as well.

I didn’t know how it would taste, but I found out it’s sooooooo good! I believe it was BakeAt350 who best described it as a “sugar pillow.” I’m going to start quoting that by the way.

I used this homemade marshmallow fondant to cover the calla lilly cake I made for my Auntie Em’s birthday. She brought it to her church, and I heard it was both delicious and an aesthetic hit. The card I had attached to the box with the description of the cake said that it was covered in “rolled marshmallow icing” to keep with my promise to improve fondant’s public relations by using names with more positive connotations.

My husband rolling the fondant for me.
He’s so sweet and helps me a lot.

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