Experiments #2 and #3: Frosted Flakes Treats and Corn Pops Treats

Like I said previously, I’ve been trying out CakeSpy’s Rice Krispie Treat Challenge for myself, and the Count Chocula treats were a delicious success.

Next, I made the cereal treats with Frosted Flakes and with Corn Pops. Both super yummy, although I think the Corn Pops are in the lead for favorite in this house. I did make the Corn Pops with more marshmallows than the recipe I had been using, so that might have given them an advantage.

Frosted Flakes

Corn Pops

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  1. Hmmm they do look good. I have always wondered what other cereal tasted like made like the Rice Krispy treats!! I think I may have to try these!!