First trip to the zoo!

Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend, we decided it would be a great day for our first zoo trip together.

Doesn’t she look super excited about going to the zoo for the first time?

We packed pretty much everything.
The first animal we saw were the Macaws. They made Cady cry, so we ran away. I’ll be honest, when they started squawking, they scared me a lot, too.
Things went much more smoothly at the other animals, although there was a definitely scent issue at the monkey cages (to be expected in the summertime). Cady wasn’t really interested in the animals (I was more excited), but she was very inquisitive towards the other people and children at the zoo.
She got tired of being in the stroller, of course, but we had a good walk in there.
First time eating ice cream! Dippin Dots. She had a few soft dots and loved them!
Ice cream on the chin.
She was really interested in this guy. He seems pretty popular among the zoo crowd. Don’t worry. We wiped her hands afterwards.
Bjorn time. Leaving the zoo to walk in the park.
Asleep again. Bye bye!

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  1. soooo cute! she is crazy precious!