Yay for May!

I’m so glad April is over! It’s been such a crazy month. I made two different two tiered cakes and two other cakes, and I took two different cake classes at the same time. Tim and I both got sick and fell behind on the things we needed to do, and I’ve been extra tired this month from toting my heavy, heavy baby around. Plus some lack of communication from Veteran’s Affairs kind of messed things up, but now things are all straightened out just in time for the new month.

Yay for May!

The Cake Club is meeting tomorrow, and we’ll be making fondant calla lilies.

Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and this will be my first mother’s day with Cadence outside of the womb. I remember last Mother’s Day, Tim and I went to see her on the 3d4d ultrasound.

My birthday is this month, too, which means I’ll be getting the new mixer I’ve been anxiously waiting since Easter to get.

It’s been getting hotter and hotter here, and we’ll probably be making it out to the pool soon. Tim’s been dying to go for weeks now, but either the weather hasn’t been right or we had obligations to fulfill.

Now that I’m done with classes, I think I’ll take it easy and slow down a bit on the cake stuff because I was a little obsessive the first couple months there. I will make at least one cake though for my cousin’s high school graduation, and I have something really cute in mind. I’m tempted to do a more cakes, but maybe I should focus on some other things I should get done (including take better care of myself).

I’ve already drawn up the plans for Cady’s birthday cake in August, which is why I started taking classes in the first place. Even though it’s not for another 3 months, I’ve been excited about it for some time, and now I can pick up my plans again and start putting them into action. I have a lot of handmade items I should get started on, which is good because my craft table and sewing machine have been lonely since I started cake decorating. My mom is so excited, she’s already started shopping for the party. Hopefully we’ll be making a related trip out tomorrow.

[ A couple of April photos that make me laugh ]

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