Cake Club and Fondant Calla Lilies

Cake club was great today. Everything went smoothly and started/ended on time. I really look forward to meeting again next month.

Today we made fondant calla lilies. These would be great for any cake, but especially for weddings and Mother’s Day (which is coming up) because they are so lovely and elegant.

Now that I’m home, I wish I had taken step by step pictures of how I made my calla lilies. I didn’t make them by the book, and I think they look more realistic. Not to mention it’s easier and requires less supplies than doing it their way. The flowers are so easy, and I promise I’ll post a proper tutorial next time I make them. I’ve never had a tutorial post before, but I should start writing them (even though there are probably tutorials out there in the internet world already) in case any of my friends are interested in knowing how to do these things.

I’ll try my best to explain it for now.

~ Clean work surface (having a food safe mat or vinyl/plastic place mat to work on would be great)
~ 1/2 fondant, 1/2 gumpaste blend (you can buy these or make them at home)
~ Cone shaped drinkingcup or snow cone cup (or something similarly shaped)
~ Yellow gel icing color (don’t use the liquid stuff from the grocery store, it’s too watery)
~ small rolling pin
~ heart shaped cookie cutter (I like using a big cutter to make big flowers)
~ plastic sandwich bag or air tight plastic container
~ piping gel or gum glue (recipes can be found online)
~ small food safe paint brush (or brush that you ONLY use for food)
~ toothpicks
~ cornstarch/powdered sugar blend

To prep:
1. Lightly dust your work surface with the 50/50 mix of powedered sugar and cornstarch. You only need a small amount to keep your fondant/gumpaste from sticking.
2. Do the same with the outside of your cups.

For the flower:
1. Roll your fondant gumpaste mix very thin (1/16 in) until you can almost see through it.
2. Cut it with your heart shaped cookie cutter.
3. Put the left overs in your plastic bag or air tight container because it dries/hardens very quickly.
4. Take your heart and wrap it around the tip of your cone with the curves of your heart on top and overlapping each other. “Paint” a little piping gel or gum glue where they will over lap to seal it closed.
5. Use your fingers, the handle of a small paint brush, or toothpicks to roll the edges of the bottom of the flower upward and outward from the cup.
6. Where the point of the heart was, pull it out gently and mold with your fingers to a more defined point.

For the flower center:
1. Use a toothpick to color a small amount of fondant/gumpaste yellow. Once you’ve dipped a toothpick into the fondant, use a new toothpick next time. Do not put a contaminated toothpick back into your icing. No double dipping 🙂
2. Roll out a small amount into a little cylinder with one end pointed (kind of like a carrot).
3. Once your flower has dried and hardened, use gum glue/piping gel and a brush to glue your center inside.

You can also add a calyx and leaves to your flower. You can also use a mixture of vanilla and luster dust to paint your flower center and add a shine to it. You can also use green sugar dust to paint the outside of your flower with a gradual change in color or do the inside of your flower that way with the yellow. I’ll explain more next time.

Make sure to always put the fondant/gumpaste in an airtight container when you’re not working with it to keep it from drying out.

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  1. These look great!!! I love love love Calla Lilies!!!