Wilton Course II Lesson 2: Royal Icing Flowers and Color Flow

I felt today because I was a little unprepared for class. My royal icing wasn’t stiff enough apparently because my first flowers were runny, but I didn’t bring any powdered sugar, meringue powder, or cornstarch to thicken it. Then I didn’t have a cake circle for my color flow work and had to get one from my instructor. I’ll give her one to replace it next week. My instructor said at the end of class that it was ok since I was usually prepared, and it becomes a problem when someone is consistently without the necessary supplies.

We made color flow birds and a birdhouse as well as royal icing violets, violet leaves, and apple blossoms. Even without the yellow centers, I think the flowers turned out well. My dad stopped by to pick something up and seemed impressed because he asked me if I made them or if I bought them when he saw them on the dining table. The color flow turned out well, too, but I don’t think I like the taste of it and will try flooding with royal icing on my own time.

[ Wilton’s version of the apple blossom. ]

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