I spend a lot of money on my hobby.

I know we’ve definitely spent a few hundred dollars on my new cake decorating hobby. My husband doesn’t mind because he’s very supportive. He wants me to be happy and busy. He knows that my new hobby makes me happy and has had a significantly positive effect on relieving my anxiety.

I am taking classes, buying lots of supplies, and making wishlists of supplies I’d like in the future. I already know what my Mother’s Day/birthday presents are going to be in May because they’re going to be more supplies. I use up most if not all of my discretionary money on related items. I save and print multiple craft store coupons that I make sure to use, so I can save money on my supplies in order to have more money left for more supplies. I’m a little addicted.

I’m even having trouble finding places to keep all of my supplies in our kitchen. I’m not to Hoarders levels, but my tools are taking cover the kitchen and dining room aka my work areas.

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  1. That's SO good that he's supportive. Sounds like my husband too! We're lucky!