Add Cricut Cake to my wishlist please.

I knew the debut of the Cricut Cake on HSN was going to be last night at 11pm (12am Eastern this morning), so I made sure to set the DVR to record it to watch at another time. Well I just finished watching it, and I want one so bad! I didn’t really know much about the Cricut paper cutting machine before, but now I can see how that would be useful, too because they demonstrated making a whole party that matched with the Provo Craft machines: the cake, the paper goods (invitations, name tags, hats, badges), and t shirts.

I want to be good at decorating cakes based on my own merit and not be completely dependent on a machine, but I do think it would be great for damask patterns, silhouettes, letters, and other cut outs that are more difficult or impossible to do with cutters. Plus they don’t even make cutters for a lot of things, the cutters themselves are pricey and add up, and having a lot of cutters means using a lot of storage space.

I’m going to wait a year before I try to get one. Hopefully the price goes down a little by then. Also, I have a lot of items on my wishlist that I want to get first like the KitchenAid Artisan and those SugarEd DVDs. Not to mention some 3D pans and other little things. Besides, I want to learn the fundamentals and develop my skills first. I don’t want to be just a hack with a machine that does everything for me. Not that there’s anything wrong with a busy mom who just wants to make cute cupcakes for a bake sale without spending countless hours in classes and practice or countless dollars on supplies!

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