Wilton Course III Lesson 1

I was a hot mess at class. My icing was in bad shape because my hand mixer broke. My sweet husband mixed it by hand for me, but I didn’t realize when I told him it was good that the sugar was still clumpy. It get getting stuck in my tips during class. I’ll give them a quick mix when I get there tonight for Course II lesson 1. I always try to be early, especially on the first night to get a good seat.

I’ll also need to practice at home the techniques I didn’t really get to work on in class (which was all of them): the single drop string, multiple drop strings, overlapping drop strings, ruffle borders, the ruffle garland, sotas, Cornelli lace, and brush embroidery. They were really hard, but the instructor said she’s not good at some of those either because they’re so difficult. At least it’s not just that I can’t do it. She said it will take a lot of practice if we want to be good at putting those on cakes. I think the brush embroidery looks awesome on cookies.

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