One bad cake and one good cake…

I made two cakes this weekend: one for Easter and one for my yaya’s birthday.

The Easter cake was supposed to be a Peeps bunny, but instead it looked like p**p. Literally. The eyes and nose came out looking like dog stuff. Plus the sprinkles wouldn’t stick. I couldn’t stop laughing once I realized it. We had a good time about it at my parents’ house. It’s a white cake with buttercream icing.

The cake for my yaya turned out pretty cute though. It’s a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and royal icing roses.

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  1. Awww! But at least the bunny cake is a great conversation piece and funny memory for years to come:) Plus that other cake looks amazing! Seriously you should put it on Etsy or something b/c you really are talented:)

  2. Wow look at those cakes!!! Love them! Great job. I love baking but don't make the time.

  3. just found your blog & wanted to say hi! – your daughter is sooo beautiful! wowza! =]-Ali

  4. cream cheese icing has to be the best.

  5. I have a 3 yr old here in Houston and wished I have a yaya 24/7. Luv ur blog! – pazt

  6. Actually, she's not Cady's yaya. She's the yaya that raised me when I was growing up, and she still lives with my parents now. She does watch Cady sometimes, though. Yeah, sometimes I wish we had a yaya. Usually when we're very sleep deprived.