I un-friend negative people.

I think that being around and hearing negative people all the time can bring you down, and that being “friends” with people on social sites who are constantly spouting negative comments can ruin your experience. Yes, they have a right to say what they want (so long as it’s not infringing on anyone else’s rights), but it doesn’t mean that I have to be an audience to it.

The purpose of social networking sites for me is to keep in touch with people I know and to reach people people I know in case I have word of something to spread (like when my dog was having puppies and I needed to find good owners). I’m not interested when some people have almost nothing to say other than how “stupid” or “annoying” people are for this reason or another or angry political rants (regardless of whether or not I agree with their side).

Sometimes people want to express themselves when they feel very strongly about something. Often, these people have other sides to them that are not always angry and negative. I’m not talking about these people. I’m only talking about the ones who are always angry, full of hatred, and negative.

There is a “hide” option where you can hide news about a person and still be “friends” with them, but the truth is, if this were the real world and not the cyber-world, I would completely avoid this person and cut off all contact. I think when you completely avoid someone forever, it means you’re not really friends anymore.


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