In defense of cake mix in a box…

I was reading book reviews for the book, The Cake Mix Doctor, when I saw a lot of reviews bad-mouthing cake mixes from a box in general. First of all, modifying boxed cake mixes is the premise of the book. Yes, some people make their cakes from scratch, but some people don’t. Can’t we all just get along?

The truth is, not everybody has the time to buy all the different ingredients, measure them perfectly, and make delicious cakes from scratch. Some people may not have the skill to do so well. Others may not want to keep their pantries stocked with all the different ingredients it would take to make a simple cake or cupcakes or pay to do so.

Shouldn’t everyone be able to enjoy some cake? Should only seasoned bakers be able to enjoy cakes at home without having to go out and buy them?

Furthermore, despite what some may say, cake mix in a box can be delicious! I’ve been using Duncan Hines for a while, and it’s very moist and tasty. Besides, it’s not like I’m selling it and telling people it’s my grandmother’s secret recipe or anything.

Now, I do make my own icing because I like the consistency for decorating, the taste, and the price (it’s cheaper than buying a lot of decorating icing), but I’m not going to say anything bad about people who buy their icings either. I actually bought a 4.5lb tub of red icing because red is a very difficult color to make without tasting bitter. Hey, some people even decorate store bought cakes. It’s more expensive, but that’s their perogative.

I say, whether they choose to buy from a grocery, bakery, or restaurant, make it from scratch or make it from a box, let them eat cake!

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  1. Well said!! I couldn't agree more, because I for one even though I make most of my stuff from scratch, I will (to save time and sometimes money use cake mix in a box. I mean are the people eating it really going to care that it came from a box as longs as it looks great and taste just as good, I am sure they won't really care.