Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste Class 4 (Final)

We had our final fondant and gumpaste class today. I was so worried because I was running late, and I’m never late. It’s rude, and you risk losing your seat. I had what I considered the best seat in the class since I was always there even before the teacher opened the classroom door. I like the first seat in the front because it has the best view of the demonstrations and is the easiest spot to get help from.

I completely forgot to make a cake, and didn’t remember until after three. I had class at 6:00. That sounds like plenty of time, but I had to mix it up, grease the pan, bake it, cool it, tort it, frost it, cut the board and get all my supplies ready for class. I had to pump and eat something before I went, too.

Speaking of which, I forgot so much stuff. Luckily I rarely forget anything, and people were kind enough to share. Also, I forgot my two flowers that I had spent so much time preparing and waiting to harden. I turned around and drove back home to get them.

When I did get to class, they hadn’t started yet, nobody was in my seat, and I was able to get everything done just in time for my teacher to take a picture of my final cake at the end of class. I took some pictures, too. It turned out pretty well, but I really do need to practice. Working with fondant and covering a cake with it is so hard! I’m happy with my finished project though. It always feels good once you complete your work and see the final product of your labor.

Now that I know how much work it is to cover a cake with fondant, I can understand why the cakes are so much more expensive. It does looks very nice though. I love the smooth finish, and there is a lot you can do with it.

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