Growing Up, Part 1: Big Girl Car Seat

Tim and my parents have been telling me that they think Cady’s too big for her infant carrier/seat. I looked at her yesterday and realized they were right. I mean, she has been wearing size 12 months clothes since she was 6 months old.

It was time to say goodbye to the baby car seat. I had to let go of thinking of her as a little baby. No more easy transfer from the car to the stroller and vice versa if she’s asleep either.

She’s never fond of riding in the car and being all strapped in.

We got the Sunshine Kids RadianXT in Nassau. It’s pretty pricey at $279.99 plus tax, but we had a 15% off coupon, and the shipping was free. It seats up to 35 pounds rear facing and up to a whopping 80 pounds or 53″ forward facing. That’s pretty good considering the new law in Texas will require children under 58″ to be in a car seat or booster. We’ll still have to get the booster for the last five inches, but this should last us a while.

The main feature of this seat that I like is that it folds, and I read over and over again in the reviews that people who bought other car seats and needed to travel, ended up having to buy this one, too. Since we visit Tim’s family in California at least once a year, having a car seat that we can use while out of town is a must. Even though it’s rather heavy (almost 30lb), Tim carried more in his pack while in the Marine Corps, and at least we can fold it, fly it with us to California, and unfold it for use in our rental car.

Plus it’s narrow enough that you can fit three in a row, and you never know when we’ll need room for more car seats back there.

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  1. kids under 58" have to use car seats/booster seats?? that means i would have been using one in middle school! hahahaha

  2. Or 57" something like that…