Cake Obsession

I know I daydream about cakes a little too much when I have an actual dream about cakes. At least it’s not a bad dream. Thinking about cakes I want to make has replaced worrying, and now before I go to bed at night, instead of anxious thoughts, I have cake thoughts. enables my obsession. My husband does, too, by paying for my craft store habit. He’s a good man. Like I said before, he was right about me needing a hobby. Plus looking at cakes online and planning cakes I’d like to make in the future takes very little time. I could sneak a peek at some photos for whenever a few minutes come up that I have me time, while I couldn’t do much else in that short amount of time (like watch a tv show).

I think daydreaming has been my favorite activity for years. I just need something positive to think about or else that thinking time turns to worry. Now, I’ve found an interest that may just last a while.

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  1. your blog is so very cute!thanks for stopping by PBD!