Wilton Method Classes

The classes that I’m taking are the Wilton Method Classes. They’re very easy for the beginning cake decorator, and don’t take much time, which is great for busy people. There are four different courses. Where you choose to go after the courses is up to you. They have professional classes and specialty classes at cake shops and advanced classes at local community colleges and universities.

For now, I’m happy with the less intensive, once a week for four weeks course. I’m about to finish my second level (fondant and gumpaste) this week. Then I’ll move on to Course II next month, and finish with Course III in May. I’m not sure what my plans are after that besides the fact that I want to make my daughter’s first birthday cake.

The class that I’m taking is at Hobby Lobby and is $17.50 per course plus supplies, but I hear the price for the course is going up in June (luckily I’m done before that). They also have the same classes at Michael’s Arts and Crafts, the big JoAnn Fabric stores, and cake supply shops.

Wilton Method Class Locator

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