We got our tax return! Yay!

First, the W2 I was sent was from 2008. Then, the reprint sent was again the W2 from 2008. Despite his W2s going to the wrong address, he still got his way before mine, so we were just waiting on me. It was kind of annoying to wait because I got laid off in January 2009 and only worked like two weeks. Finally, the corporate office sent me my 2009 W2, so that my husband could do our taxes. Eight business days later, we have our return!

We’re going to use the bulk of it to pay off most of his car. Then we’re going to use what’s left to get some important things done around here. I don’t think we’ll be spending any of it on fun stuff, but that’s ok since we already spend plenty of money of fun stuff every month. If we were young and irresponsible, I suppose we might spend it all on fun stuff, but then again, we probably wouldn’t have gotten so much back if that were the case.

Oh to be a “grown-up.”

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