Daisy Lemon Cake

I was bored and wanted to try out making the daisies we learned how to do in our last class. You can make them different sizes or colors, but I just felt like making little white and yellow ones for a lemon cake. The icing is lemon buttercream, and the daisies are fondant with lemon buttercream centers.

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  1. UM- I WANT TO LEARN SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to make a pretty daisy/flower cake for avery's first birthday!!! so you're learning this stuff in a class? what class? is it expensive? is it possible to just use a fondant recipe from online? does it take FOREVER?

  2. Stunning, I love the look of this cake. Would love to learn to make a cake like this~Stopping by to say welcome to SITS

  3. this is so pretty! love the daisies!~ ana