That crusty baby eye problem is back.

Bah. Cady’s crusty eye has come back, but now it’s the problem has been presenting itself in the left eye instead of the right like before. I’m frustrated that we’ve been to the doctor so many times for this, and we just keep hearing the same stuff. Then nothing changes. It probably doesn’t make me any less sour that I don’t like one of the doctors at that practice, that I also really dislike one of the nurses, and that they’re always messing up our billing. Hopefully they’re not reading this, but they know who they are.

Cady really hates going there. She’s learned to associate the office with her shots and now cries a lot just being in the little patient room.

Some mornings the left eye is glued shut. Poor baby. She doesn’t fuss anymore though. I think she knows I’m going to clean it right away.

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