How to make left over rice soft again.

Since I wrote that post the other day about how much I love rice, I thought I should mention that you can make left over rice soft again in case it’s not commonly known. This works with Chinese take-out and rice you made at home. Make sure the left overs are just dry of course (a few days in the fridge) and not spoiled (a few weeks in the fridge).

My husband and I refer to this technique as Frankensteining or bringing “rice back to life”. For example, “I’ll Frankenstein some rice,” referring of course to Victor Frankenstein who brought a so-called “monster” to life using stolen cadavers.

Since getting dry is what makes left over rice hard, it seems simple enough that you just need to get water back into it. Also, putting it into an airtight plastic storage container before you put it in the fridge helps reduce the loss of moisture.

To get the rice moist again, sprinkle some water on it. I just turn on the faucet low and move my bowl around really quick. It’s not an exact science. You don’t want so much water that there’s a large puddle in there, but you want most of the rice to get wet.

Just pop it in the microwave after that. Depending on how much franken-rice it is, I put it in for one or two minutes. You’ll want to put it in longer than you normally would to just heat and eat. It also works better if your dish is covered, so that the water can sort of steam up in there. Rice in a tupperware container with the lid open but laying on top works really well, but just a plate with a paper towel over it works, too if you’re anxious about plastics in the microwave.

Viola! “Fresh” rice from left over rice! Yum.

P.S. I forgot to mention in my last post, I like rice so much, I even eat chicken pot pies with rice and soy sauce (it makes it more filling)! In fact, that’s what I’m eating for dinner tonight.

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  1. I've always wondered how to do this! Thank you!Stopping by from SITS!