New fashion trend I’m so excited about: Rompers

I’ve been seeing rompers everywhere for this spring, and I’d really like to wear them. I’ll have to try them on first to make sure they look good on me first of course, but I’m really liking the casual ones with straps. Strapless doesn’t seem practical for a new mommy, but I do like that I can show off my legs without wearing a dress. I used to wear dresses all the time, but I quickly realized after a couple tries that it wouldn’t make sense for me to right now. Mommies need to bend over and pick things up, rummage through diaper bags, and pick up baby without revealing herself to the whole seeing world. That doesn’t mean that they should should always have to wear jeans though.

Since rompers are typically baby apparel, I told my husband the baby and I will match. He jokingly said they should make men’s rompers, and then we can all match. He’s so funny.

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