I need advice from other parents!

If you’re not a parent and/or not interested in hearing about poop, please stop reading. Our baby problem is related to the icky subject, but parents are used to discussing it.

So here’s the situation:

Since Cady has started solids, she has only been going once a day, and it is always a massive poop. It gets all over her clothes, all over her disposable changing pads, and all over her big changing pad as soon as I lie her down and her back side gets smushed. I can’t change her standing up though, especially since she can’t stand up anyway! I’m really just concerned about her clothes. Her morning present for me never stays even close to being within the confines of her diaper. We’ve managed to salvage most of her clothes so far, but I have thrown away a pair of pajamas and will probably throw away a onesie today. She also has a pair of pants that are iffy.

What should I do? The mess is, well, so messy. I just want it to stay inside her diaper at least most of the time!

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