Ikea Fun

My husband and I went to Ikea, which is always an adventure. It always feels like a big trip because I consider it quite a drive at about 35 minutes (although rodeo related traffic made it a lot worse today). Not to mention it’s a pretty big place.

We went specifically to get another one of our Hensvik book cases. At first, we couldn’t find it because they didn’t have them out on the floor. Luckily, a helpful sales associate was able to find it on there computer after mentioning that it might be discontinued. We were able to put in an order, pay for it at the register, and pick it up by the exits. Unfortunately, when we brought it home, it wasn’t the same. I mean, it looks similar. It’s just smaller. There we looked on the information sheet and on the website. There was only one book case under that group. I guess they changed the size of it since I brought the first one over a year ago.

We were also there to look at the beds, but we didn’t find what we were looking for. I did see some other interesting items in the catalog though while Tim brought the car into the loading zone and I waited for our bookcase at Merchandise Pickup. I was reminded of Edward Norton in the beginning of Fight Club when he’s obsessively collecting an apartment full of Ikea items from their catalog. When we got home I made a nice “shopping list” on their website of small products I’d be interested in purchasing during a future trip.

The highlight of trip was definitely the children’s section (actually the location the bookcase was supposed to be) where we found some really neat kids toys including animal finger puppets and a bead roller coaster, both of which came home with us. Cadence isn’t really old enough to appreciate them, but I know she will soon enough. I would definitely like to go back for their abacus, too.

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