I can’t live without rice.

I suppose technically I could survive without rice, but I would really hate to give it up. Back when I was into trying different diets, I always failed at the ones that required giving up carbs. I can’t even give up refined carbs. I need white rice, and I’m ok with admitting that, even if it means I’m living up to an Asian stereotype. The truth is I come from a rice loving Filipino family that made sure to send me off to college with my own mini electric rice cooker.

I grew up eating it in every meal, and even a lot of our deserts have rice in their recipes. I don’t eat rice quite this much nowadays, but I wouldn’t mind. Luckily, I’m married to a man who loves it, too (even though he’s not Asian).

I notice when other people eat rice at restaurants, it serves only as a side item. In my family however, one’s plate consists of at least half (but usually more) of the meal. The meat/vegetables are just there to accompany the rice, or as my dad says, “The rice is the main part of the meal; the meat just gives it flavor.”

I told my parents I knew a Filipino who was giving up rice for lent. My dad said, “Oh that’s easy. That’s what, a week?” I told them no, that it was forty days. My mother was aghast. She said she could not do it. She had to have rice at every meal.

In many countries of the world, rice is 70% of the diet. I enjoy eating it, and I like it because it’s filling and versatile. It can be eaten with so many different foods. Plus it’s cheap and easy to cook.

We buy the 20 pound bag.

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  1. I LOVE RICE! I cannot imagine a meal without it especially dinner time at home. We buy the 20 lb. bag of rice at well, and we get the ITC Jasmine rice. "Jasmine rice talaga is the best..manamit talaga!"-My mom