Blogging for Bliss

I’m currently reading Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey, and enjoying it so much, I’ve quickly devoured nearly the whole thing. I’ve definitely learned a lot so far and am feeling excited to slowly integrate what I’ve read into my blogging. I read straight through all of the text already, but I need to go back and read about the blogs she featured. I want to visit their sites, too.

Cady doesn’t know about blogging yet, but she loves pushing buttons on the keyboard. At least with the desktop, we can detach the keyboard and let her do as she pleases without worry. Yes, this room is a mess, but that’s how it is when we’re having fun.

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to add the Google translator widget, but I’m a little confused. It doesn’t seem to work. Maybe I’m putting the code in the wrong place. Maybe I’m doing something else wrong altogether.

A few other things she mentioned that I was already interested in learning about were photography and photo editing. I mean, I’d like to work on my skills in those areas because I’d like to have great photos, especially of my family, but it would be nice to post better pictures on my blog, too.

I think I’ll make a new banner when the new baby photo shoot pictures are all ready, but it will be a while before the layout is where I want it to be, which is fine with me.

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