I want to go to school again.

The plan on and off throughout college was that I would go to law school upon graduation, but honestly, I’ve always had my doubts and now really don’t have a desire to go. However, I’ve been really interested in taking some classes at the community college. Some people probably wouldn’t understand (my parents?) why I want to take classes at (eek) a community college and not even seek a degree (gasp) when I graduated from an expensive private school and could be working on my masters.

The truth is I like learning. I’m also a dilettante. I like to dabble in many different areas. I’m a Gemini. A generalist.

Getting into classes that haven’t already filled up and are also at hours that I can attend in my free time around Tim’s/the baby’s schedule is my only obstacle.

Being a Gemini, I could easily change my mind, but right now, I’m really interested in taking the digital communications classes with some photography. Some child development, fashion design, and culinary arts classes look very interesting to me, too. Just one or two classes per term for me, though.

If the scheduling works out, I might be back to school this summer, but whenever I can get the schedule worked out, I look forward to taking some interesting classes.

I love Billy Madison. He didn’t care what anybody thought. He was determined to go back to school and do so while being really silly.

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