Closet Full of Nothing to Wear

I hate my closet. It’s a mess. I never seem to have anything to wear. Since I’ve doubled in cup size after getting pregnant, having the baby, and now nursing, none of my shirts and even more sadly, large collection of lovely dresses fit anymore. Not that I could really wear those dresses anyway. Now that I’m a mother, I realize that short skirts and dresses don’t work when you’re constantly having to bend over to pick up toys or the baby or go through the diaper bag while it’s in the bottom basket of the stroller.

The thing is I don’t know what I should buy. I don’t really want to buy anything. I’m still hoping after nursing my size will go back down. Plus I feel guilty spending money when I already spent so much on the wardrobe I already have. Furthermore, if the type of clothes I’ve been buying aren’t going to be functional now that I’m a mom, how am I supposed to suddenly figure out what will work when I have no experience in that area?

I used to love shopping. Now I hate it… Unless it’s for the baby. That I can do.

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