Sippy Cup

I didn’t realize that people were in such a hurry to train their little ones to drink from a sippy cup. I was surprised when Tim’s friend that we visited said they banned bottles by age 1. To be honest, I’m not worried about it. Why do people make such a big deal about baby teeth anyway? I mean, they’re just going to fall out… not that I’m going to give her a bunch of sugar or anything…

Anyway, I was looking at the new Babies R Us ads and coupons we got in the mail and noticed they have a “weaning cup” that is for babies 4 months and up. Cady is going to be 6 months on Wednesday, and I thought that along with her big girl plate (which suctions to the table or tray) and spoons, we’d get her a sippy cup. However, just like she’s eating the food to learn how to eat and not for the sustenance, I would just like for her to get acquainted with the cup. I don’t expect her to give up the bottle anytime soon.

To be honest, I currently don’t see a problem with her drinking from a bottle until she’s two– during sleepy time anyway. During the day, I’ll want her to use a cup by then. That’s another thing, they also say it’s bad to let them have bottles for bed, but I’m fine with that, too.

I guess we’re just all over the place with our parenting. Sometimes we go by the books, and sometimes we just don’t agree with the so called experts. Hey, they don’t agree with each other anyway!

It’s supposed to be “truly spillproof.” I’m curious to try it. Hopefully they have some at the BRU this. BRU= me and Tim’s nickname for Babies R Us. It sounds cooler, like we’re going to some hip bar.

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