Anxiety: Big Step Forward

I went out all by myself last night without Tim accompanying me. I didn’t take baby, but I did run a couple errands for about an hour or so while the slow cooker was making dinner for me at home. It was pretty successful. Nothing to be afraid of.

Today I went an even bigger step forward and took the baby out. I had to go to the post office before it closed, which meant I had to go with her but without Tim’s help. I actually ended up forgetting my package, but I figured since we went through all the trouble of getting ready and the mall was so close, we went there instead. I was able to eat a hotdog and a brownie while pushing her stroller. She got to people watch. I saw the new spring baby clothes and swimsuits. All in all it went pretty well until she started crying the whole way home because she didn’t want to be in her car seat. Crying is one of the things I worry about happening while we’re out, but we were able to deal with it.

This pink baby tutu swimsuit is tutu cute!
$32 at Janie and Jack.

I had seen a similar one at Target for $10.
This one actually looks more ballerina-ish.
Who knows if I’ll pick either one though.

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