Making Baby Food, Organic Groceries, and Being an Example

Went to our local Whole Foods today, and I have to admit, some of their stuff looks pretty good. We walked around a bit to check everything out even though I really only came for one thing– a yam to try out my new Beaba Babycook baby food maker. We got an avocado, too, since it’s also on the list of things baby Cady can start eating.

The list of foods a 6 month old can eat is quite longer than I thought actually, but the choices offered in jarred baby foods are very limited (which is what threw me off to begin with). I’m glad I have the time and tools to make my own baby food, so that Cady can try a wider variety of foods without all the preservatives and is organic, too.

A friend of mine said I should start making a whole bunch of little food portions and freezing them to be ready. We plan to keep some jars of the store-bought stuff just in case even though we have “just in case” formula at both our place and my parents which has yet to be needed.

Like I said before, it didn’t occur to me until after I started thinking about starting solids that I wanted to go organic, so I’m going to take things slow. I’m not ready to make a commitment to go all the way yet. Besides, what would that mean, anyway? I have no intention of giving up eating at restaurants or even fast food joints. I can’t say I’ll never eat the naughty sugared cereals or other junk foods again. Would there be any point in going all the way in my grocery shopping?

Haven’t decided yet. One thing we have decided though, is that we will be going organic as far as the baby food we make. Well, one day that baby will be eating the same food as us, that’s when things are going to get confusing, and I don’t just mean about the organic issue.

Whatever we’re having, she’s going to want, and it’s only fair that we practice as we preach to her. Would we really want our little one eating some of the things we’ve been eating? How bad could it be if we’ve been having them and are fine? Could we really stop consuming and drinking some of these things altogether to be a good example?

This looks really good to me right now (

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