Going Organic, Making Baby Food & Starting Solids

We had a big day shopping for baby today. Lunch at Black Walnut Cafe, buying size 12 month onesies at Carter’s for our big almost 6 month old, and getting her Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker from Williams Sonoma. We also got the book Cooking for Baby: Wholesome, Homemade, Delicious and the multiportion freezer tray. We opted not to get the spoons though. They were $20 for 4 or 5 baby spoons.

She looks so happy to be shopping.

I’ve been so excited about starting solid foods with her, and now the time is near. She will be reaching her half birthday in a week and half! Our baby bear is growing up.

Tomorrow I want to go to Whole Foods and pick up something to make in the baby food maker to try it out. It does everything! It steams, blends, purees, warms, and defrosts. I found out a couple of my friends have it, too, and they love it. It was actually my parents who saw it and first told me about it though. That was a great job on their part.

Speaking of Whole Foods, I had been thinking sometime back that when we started feeding the baby solids, we should make it ourselves, and that it should be organic.

Tim said his parents only did organic while they (the kids) were still living at home, but I know he hasn’t been eating it since. To be honest, organic didn’t really seem like an option here until just the last several years. I was suprised when he told me that, but I know they’re ahead in California on things like that compared to Texas (I wish ALL of Texas would ban public smoking, too, not just certain cities).

However, organic is not a term that exists at my parents’ household at all– at least, I don’t remember it being mentioned. I don’t know. I’m very sure organic is not something people worried about in the Philippines, and they’ve been in Texas for the last 20 years where organic just started becoming more popular. I didn’t even know about organic food until I moved away to college and started buying my own groceries. The Whole Foods in our city (my hometown and current city) only opened at the end of 2007 right before I moved back from school.

Well, even though Tim and I haven’t been eating organic so far (before we got married he only ate McDonalds, so homecooked meals are already a big step back in the right direction), I’ve been doing some reading about the benefits of eating organic, especially for children, and have decided that it’s the way we’re going to go now that she’ll start eating solids. Like any parents, we want to do what we think is going to be best for her, and this is what seems right to us. In fact, he wouldn’t mind paying the premium for all of us to be eating organic. Sounds pretty good to me considering some of the things I’ve read (like cows eating feed with cow parts? Thats sick)!

Checking out the market will be an adventure since it’s new to us, and we won’t know where anything is, but I’m excited to see the different things they’ll have. I think I’ve been to the one in the big city before. Maybe. I’m not sure.

I’ll probably think happy thoughts about making baby food as I fall asleep tonight.

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