Baby Ear Piercing

We’ve been wanting to get Cady’s ears pierced. My sister and I both had ours done when we were infants, and so we felt like it was better this way. She wouldn’t see it coming and would get over it quickly. Plus she won’t mess with it. I have a cousin who is a senior in high school. Her mom said she just forgot to get hers done as a baby, and now she is afraid to get it done. I’ve also seen girls who only end up with one because they don’t want to get the second one after feeling the pain of the first. I have know someone that this happened to who finally just got the second piercing a couple of years ago. We had them do both ears at the same time for this reason because I knew there was no way she’d stay still after that.

Well I kept putting it off and putting it off because I was so nervous about the pain. I dread even going to get her shots done. We finally got the nerve to go today. It was a beautiful day out. 73 degrees. Sunny. She was in a really good mood. I kind of didn’t want to take her once we got there because I knew her mood would be ruined. It did not go very smoothly. It wasn’t even her fault at all. She was very still!

The freaking plastic thing got stuck! It was probably just a few seconds, but it felt like forever and was HORRIBLE! She was so upset, and they had to keep messing with her ear to get it out. I was worried it was pulling on her already hurting little ear. POOR BABY! The thing getting stuck totally defeated the purpose of coming here where they do both ears at once because I wanted to minimize her pain. This prolonged it! I feel terrible about it even now, and she’s long over it already. I’m glad we never have to do that again.

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  1. Awe, we did Alyssa's at Six months, (her half birthday) and I still feel kinda quilty, but the earrings look so cute. I love your pics of Cady! I feel her pain:)