Disinfectant Maniac

I never used anti-bacterial hand gel, rarely used disinfectant, and washed my hands just an average amount (when cooking, cleaning, and after going to the bathroom). Now that I’ve become a mother, I think a few people would consider my sanitizing crazy. I grew up with a mother who was very anti-germ and a sister, too, so they could appreciate my new found enthusiasm for Germ-X.

However, I think my husband’s family (who is probably the antithesis of my family in nearly every way) probably thinks I’m a little nuts for having four types of wipes with me when we traveled to the west coast to visit them. That’s ok. I don’t want my baby to get sick, especially when traveling 1300+ miles is stress enough for all of us. Honestly, I won’t be as worried when she’s a little older. Right now, even a cold would be horrible for her because she’d either suffocate or starve if she tried to drink milk with a stuffy nose.

I’m really glad she hasn’t gotten it yet considering it’s passed through all the family members she comes into contact with. I’m really excited, too, because I found a travel size Lysol disinfectant spray at Target while waiting in line there the other day. Picked up lots of travel size Wet Ones wipes, too. Can always use those while we’re out and about!

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