Trip to San Diego (w/slideshow!)

The trip to San Diego to visit Tim’s family was a success. However, we agreed that we would never travel with a baby this young again. It was quite stressful for her, and it’s easy to understand why. Seeing her upset made me upset. Yes, as a first time parent, seeing my baby unhappy makes me hurt inside. I don’t know if that will change or if she’ll just be really, really spoiled. Luckily, she’ll be a year older when we go next year, and I think that will be better for all of us.
I’m really glad that we bought her a seat both ways even though children under 2 are allowed to ride for free on your lap. It was great having the entire row to ourselves. Tim was able to sort of lay back like it was a couch when he was holding her while she slept. Imagine if she was sleeping and he had to get up because someone next to us needed to go to the bathroom or if we had to ask someone else to move so that he could walk her around. Not to mention we had a lot of stuff, she did some very stinky things, and it was absolutely necessary that we had the window closed.
The rental car we had reserved was a minivan. I decided we might need the room even though I wasn’t sure why, and I’m so happy we got it. We put the two middle row seats away into the floor and made use of the floor space. For example, she was histerical when I tried to change her in public but was fine when we changed her in the van. Also, I buying some last minute items to bring home and packing them up into the suit case the day we were leaving was no problem.

One of the best parts of the trip for me was eating at Goldilocks every day. I tried to eat a little of everything. It’s a very popular and common restaurant and bakery in the Philippines. It’s pretty much considered the best, even though I know there is a competitor that is successful as well. It’s as common as Starbucks is here, as in, there are multiple locations in one shopping mall. They have several locations in California where there are many filipinos (it’s like going to the Philippines when visiting some neighborhoods), and some in Nevada and Canada. Unfortunately, there aren’t any even close to Texas despite a sizeable filipino population in the large cities, especially Houston.

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