Dog Snuggies

I decided that Quinnie isn’t warm enough in the apartment, especially at night when we go to bed. It’s going to be even worse that we have to get her shaved because I’m a bad mommy who has neglected her best friend of five years for the last few months since the arrival of the new baby and this friend’s fur is now horribly matted. We gave her a fleece blanket last night, but her coat for taking walks in the cold has gotten too tight due to weight gain. She was pregnant earlier this year, too, so I’ll blame it on that (even though I really blame it on my family who spoiled her with people food while I was living in France and when I first moved back in with them after college).

Anyway, I thought about joining the big fad and buying her a doggie Snuggie and put the idea up on Facebook. Apparently, they are of horrible quality, and I’m glad I found out from my friends with experience using the product before getting one myself. The truth is, I could easily make her a blanket or jacket since blankets and dog clothes are actually really easy, and there’s a big sale at Jo-Ann that I plan on going crazy at this weekend.

The only problem is that I haven’t had much time to make the things I’ve wanted to because we’ve been so busy the baby. It’s only natural that we want to spend our down time, well, laying down sleeping or watching tv. Plus I’m really annoyed by the fact that I had a brand new pattern for the dog that I haven’t been able to find anywhere.

You don’t really need patterns for dog clothes since it’s simple enought to make the pattern yourself, but the point is that I bought it and feel I should at least be able to use it. I specifically remember it being on my sewing table. Now it’s gone. The little elves that steal the socks have now taken my sewing pattern. Those sneaky, sneaky elves.

My little buddy back during our sophomore year of college when it was just the two of us, and she was a pampered pup princess lavished with attention…

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