Anxious Parents = Hospital Trip

Took Cady to the hospital late Sunday night because her always slightly goopy eyes (doctor said originally it was blocked tear ducts) were suddenly very gooey, and the skin around the right eye especially was raw and red. At first we were going to wait until 7AM to take her in to the doctor’s office, but then we decided we couldn’t wait. We packed up her baby bag and headed out. Poor baby. I asked Tim if this was our fault. I really meant my fault. He said it wasn’t my fault. He knows me so well.

She was in a good mood most of the night up until the nurse started checking her vitals and touching her face. It got late, and she was tired. She was in a good mood again after the doctor was done touching her face, too. He sent us home with a prescription for an antibiotic eye drop, and we managed to get out of there without exposing the baby to any sick people.

We went home, and my husband drove around looking for the nearest 24 hour pharmacy. We finally went to bed sometime around 2 o’clock. Cady was already asleep by the time my hubby got home, so we didn’t end up giving her the drops. He would be gone by the time we woke up in the morning though, so it was good we already had the medicine for the morning.

It hasn’t been too difficult getting it in there, but she definitely doesn’t like it. Luckily he didn’t prescribe the eye ointment that has to be applied inside the bottom eyelid. That certainly wouldn’t have gone well. Everything turned out all right, and none of my fears about something happening to her vision and affecting her development came true. I still didn’t sleep well that night though.

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