The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs

I first decided to get the The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs on Amazon after seeing lots of tempting commercials for the Benefuls brand soft dog food on TV but then was disappointed when I saw the actual food in person at the store. Though it looks much better than other soft dog food options, it still had a lot of mystery ingredients that can’t be pronounced and wasn’t very appealing as far as cost. The items in the foods were things that I could easily cook myself like rice, meat, barley, vegetables, and so cook I did indeed.

I think it’s very easy to make your own dog food this way, and I only give her a small portion at night (about a cup). She still eats dry dog food most of the time. I guess my dog is spoiled. What can I say? I had no boyfriend senior year of college, and I had to cook for somebody. At least this somebody never complained and always liked everything I made.

The dinner I usually make for her is comprised of macaroni, ground turkey, green beans, peas, carrots, and potatoes. It’s SO EASY! The vegetables are canned and cut (the potatoes diced). I just brown the turkey in the pot, throw in the vegetables with their water, add the macaroni, add a little more water, bring to a boil, and it’s done! She loves it. A whole pot costs the same to make as buying just four servings of the pre-prepared soft food, and it doesn’t have all the ingredients you can’t pronounce and all the preservatives.

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