Black Friday… eh

I’ve never done the waking up super early, big sale searching Black Friday shopping before. I’ve gone out that day because there was nothing else to do the day after Thanksgiving, but I’ve never gone out of my way to do the real Black Friday shopping where you’re hunting down deals and shopping with your most serious shopping game face of the year.

I’ve seen the women at the Victoria’s Secret “Semi-Annual Sale,” and not only do they get pretty serious but the store ends up a big disorganized mess. I imagine Black Friday is a little bit like that but on a much larger, scarier, and more violent scale. On the news last year, a man was trampled to death, and they said that a pregnant woman miscarried from the madness of Black Friday shopping at Walmart. Perhaps there was too much bumping and pushing. Stress, too. I’ve seen those movies and TV shows where the parents are climbing all over each other to try to get the last of that year’s hottest toy, the friends episode where Monica is wedding dress shopping at the Filene’s basement sample sale, and Confessions of a Shopaholic. People get pretty aggressive to get those deals.

I always opted to stay home or at least avoid the stores with the sales in order to avoid the chaos and frankly, sleep in. Even with the Victoria’s Secret “Semi-Annual Sale,” I’d rather just shop online (no crowds and it’s easier to find something you want in your size). I can’t shop when a store is disorganized anyway. If I do go to the mall, my preferred time to go is soon after the stores open on Saturday morning or better yet, on a weekday.

My husband offered to stay home with the baby if I decided to go Black Friday shopping. On Monday I was really excited and ready to make a game plan. By Tuesday I had lost interest. By now I think it might actually be dangerous to go. Tim wanted to get Rock Band at Walmart while the baby and I were at home. The whole set up with the instruments and the first game is only $50, but we agreed not to go through with it afterall.

I think I’ll check out the sales at Jo-Ann and Hobby Lobby, which are going on for a couple of days and probably not going to have the same type of frenzies that Walmart, Best Buy and Toys R Us have. I was originally interested in going to Kohl’s, Carter’s, and maybe a couple of other stores, but I just don’t feel like getting up early for sales that end at a certain time. Maybe I’ll try another year when I don’t have a newborn baby that’s already keeping me from getting enough sleep.

[I wonder what’ll make the news this year]

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