Rough Week Rant

The last week or so has not been a breeze with Cady, not that taking care of a baby is ever a breeze, especially if you’re doing it well, but this last week has been especially confusing. She’s been through other phases before. For example, there was a week when she only wanted me at night. Now she’s gone back to that and added more quirks to the table. Now she also wants to be carried nearly all the time. She also wants the person carrying her to be standing up while they do it. She hasn’t been enjoying her gym as much, or her mobile, or her swing, if she enjoys it at all, which sometimes she doesn’t even though she used to love them. Plus, she won’t stay asleep if we put her down for a nap. She wants us to hold her the whole time.

Furthermore, even though she was sleeping through the night already, a week ago she started waking up at night again and did so for five or six nights in a row. She slept fine again Sunday night, but then slept horribly last night. She didn’t wake up all the way, but she cried a couple times in her sleep. I was giving her a little pat to calm her back to sleep what seemed like nearly every hour to keep her from stirring herself all the way awake. We’ve been sleeping with her in her Pack N Play bassinet every night next to our bed instead of her lovely crib that was given to us by my mother (in her room that is pretty much just for changing and storage for her stuff right now).

Oh yeah, and even though afternoons used to be daddy and baby time, she wants that to be mommy only time, too now. Poor daddy. It’s really making him feel bad, but I know he’s doing a really good job. Sometimes babies just want their mothers, and it’s not his fault.

Carrying her all the time was already getting tiring for the back and arms, but now that she’s 14 pounds and growing all the time, it’s getting really difficult to carry her for long periods. It’s hard on the muscles, the spine, the joints. It’s also hard because you can’t do anything else.

The Bjorn helps. When our arms and wrists can’t take it anymore, we put her in our favorite BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Active, which was an awesome gift from Tim’s mom. I’m so glad we registered for it, but if someone didn’t get it for us, it definitely would’ve been worth the $130 ($90 on Amazon).

This is us most days now…

Don’t get me wrong. I love this baby. I only want the best for her. That’s why I stay home and give her the kind of attention I know she couldn’t get elsewhere even if it means I can’t always go to the bathroom when I want, take lunch breaks at lunch time, wash my hair every morning, or do a whole lot of other “normal” things whenever I want/need to.

I mean, look at that face. How could a mother not have infinite patience for that face? Her sad/crying face is even more compelling. When she cries, I run to pick her up and comfort her. Anyone who wants to tell me about “spoiling” her and “training” her when she doesn’t even know she has feet, will find that advice falling on deaf ears, but that’s a whole other rant for another time.

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  1. I know this post is over 6 months old, but I wanted to comment and let you know how wonderful I think you are. I so admire you. I cannot wait to be a stay-at-home mom. 🙂 Anyway, for what it's worth, I'm proud of you girl. <>