Counting down the days til my crochet class!

I’ve been thinking about either taking up knitting or crochet for some time now because I want Cady to have more hats that fit her big, ever growing noggin now that it’s getting cold.

Plus she just looks good in hats.

[For Example]

Yeah that’s a face made for little hats.

Well, I was in Macy’s to use a giftcard (on the baby instead of me, of course), and their mittens/hat set was $18. That’s a bit high for me. I had wanted crochet headbands a while back and was able to find them in bulk on Ebay, but now I’ve decided to learn the craft myself.

I didn’t know the difference between knitting and crochet until I posted the question for my Facebook friends, who all had varying opinions on which was better and easier and read Samster Mommy’s blog who convinced me that crochet was the way to go and even recommended a book for it.

Now I’m signed up for a class at Sew Crafty, a “sewing lounge” where you can hang out in the knitting room, bring crafts to work on, or take classes. My husband thinks it’s kind of strange, but I think it’s pretty neat.

Too bad it’s nowhere near where I live. He doesn’t like me going alone way out there and is going to drive me, and then he’ll wait nearby. Protective but I like it. He seems to have a problem with the neighborhood even though it seems alright to me as far as I can tell (online or just driving by on the freeway). He knows these things better than me, and I’m now on, I’ll listen to people’s warnings (unlike when my dad told me a class was in a bad area where cars got broken into a lot, and low and behold, my car was broken into).

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