Had a good night shopping. I feel productive when I’m able to find and come home with what I was looking for. It’s a lot easier, too, if you’re not toting a baby and a husband with you. They both have lower thresholds for shopping and get tired easily compared to me. Plus I tend to move fast when I’m shopping. When I go out with plan on places to go and specific items to find, I am a woman on a mission. Today my mission for craft items, baby clothes, and to find something for myself was a success, and I feel like I got a good deal on everything that I got, which makes them even better.

There is a BIG sale going on at Carter’s right now, and I used a 20% off $50 or more purchase coupon. I also found out that you can get this card stamped for every $20 that you spend that gives you $10 off your next purchase after you spend $100. Now that I know I’ll make sure my purchases are in $20 increments. Might as well. Every little bit helps.

I get these coupons in my email after signing up on the Carter’s website. I’m a pretty big fan considering I had never even heard of Carter’s until sometime during my pregnancy. She wears the footed pajamas every night, and the other clothes are both cute and comfy. I’ve come to notice a lot of the fancy baby clothes at the department store usually have the cute part only.

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