We had decided some time ago that because our baby was a big eater from the very first day, she should be a piglet for Halloween.

Originally I was just going to buy a piglet costume online because I couldn’t find any baby pig outfits in the stores. The problem with that plan was that the sizes online were very vague such as 0-6 months and 6-12 months. That can mean a huge range of different sized babies. Not to mention no sites listed the measurements of these costumes.

I used a Simplicity “easy-to-sew” pattern #5720 for Cady’s costume, and it was easy to sew as advertised indeed. During holiday sales (like the one for Veteran’s Day going on this week) at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Simplicity patterns go on sale to $.99 or $1 from the usual $15.95 of most patterns. These sales are pretty much the only times I buy patterns now that I know about them. I made a pink romper with the piglet hat and used buttons for the piglet face. I also added an elastic strap on for under her chin to make sure the hat stayed on. It fit her pretty well, but I know it’ll be a one time wear. She’s growing way too fast.

Despite having little free time to get any of the things done that I plan/hope/say will get done, I actually managed to finish Cadence’s Halloween costume just in time for the big day. Unfortunately, she doesn’t nap as much as she should when she visits her grandparents. We came to dress her and take her out for church kids event, but she was feeling cranky. We took some pictures in costume and then quickly put her to bed.

It feels good to have some “me” time and feel like I accomplished something by making something myself. I hope to get something else done soon, but I’m the typical Gemini with lots of different projects going on at once. Our sun room has stacks of books, magazines, projects, and “to do” lists that are all competing for my baby-free time after housework and rest, so we’ll see…

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